D-Grooves Services

These represent the tip of the iceberg of what is possible 
to use in creation of your promotional videos at D-Grooves A/V Studio.


Below are the types of short Videos that are available.  Only a few are represented from the 100s available.  

Logo Reveals




Call To Action




Live Action



Overlays are .mov files that you can layer over your existing video clips in your timeline during video editing.  They include:  Drops, Lower Thirds, Transitions, Watermarks and BannersThey give your production that “news station” look.  Just a bit more information while your video plays.


Great graphics can created to perfectly reflect your brand and get your message out with style.


Business Cards

Social Posts



WordPress Websites, Updates & Hosting

This area has been a very personal favorite of D-Grooves owner- Doug Gazlay.  His music production skills have brought many people’s music ideas into the world over the years.  Tracks can be produced in the studio for the Singer/Songwriter act.  Background tracks for videos can be created personally by Doug, but he also has access to many other choices of royalty-free music tracks beyond personal productions.

Created on the amazingly comprehensive WordPress.org platform, beautiful things can be done with today’s websites.  Doug is continually growing his bag of website tricks to create beautiful information and SEO packed sites that sell your product or service for anyone who needs them.

Site for home repair man Lionel Perry.  Simple information site to get the word out about his business specializing in the renovation floors, roofing, sideing and painting. www.678renovate.com.  

Restaurant & Pub in Marietta Square, Marietta, GA, where Doug plays the grand piano every Friday and Saturday night (unless he books a Private Party).  Site that has many things to offer including calendars, online menus, customer mailing list and $25.00 Gift Certificate drawing each week.  All items created and managed by D-Grooves A/V Studio.   www.shilingsonthesquare.com or www.iloveshillings.com.

Doug Gazlay’s Pianist and DJ business website.  Complete with many graphics and videos that were produced by Doug at D-Grooves A/V Studio.  www.pianistdj.com

In production now- Vittles Restaurant Website and Lillian Gardens website. Showing results soon!